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Engineering Group Tuitions by Experts

(Centres at Andheri & Borivali)

Engineering Home Tuitions all over Mumbai

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Why Wisdom Academy?
All inclusive coaching classes for all engineering degrees and diploma courses
Freedom to choose between home and group tuitions
Group tuitions in small batches for individual attention to each student.
Several mock tests for improvement of performance and development
of individual skills
Motivated teachers with a healthy mix of industry and teaching experience
to provide guidance from time to time
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Our Top Performers of Engineering

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Few More Achievements

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Wisdom Academy Students Outshine in Engineering

WISDOM ACADEMY- Premier Professional Engineering Classes in Mumbai

Wisdom Academy is a result-oriented institute which believes in giving top results in all competitive exams.



Engineering today is one of the most popular courses that professionally oriented students opt for. The opportunities in engineering are virtually limitless, allowing you to pursue a career in almost any field, in any industry, in any location around the world. With the ever-evolving requirements of the industry and the lucrative jobs that engineering offers to the graduates, students need to be well versed with the subjects of their field. The skills that you develop as an engineer and decision maker are incredibly valuable and highly sought after.



At Wisdom Academy our focus is on knowledge, a fast track to career success. We have defined Engineering Classes, Group Coaching and Private Home Tutoring in Mumbai to instill confidence to our students, a Group Coaching is a beneficial advantage of peer learning from interaction, commonly known as a collective wisdom. Formation, insight and integration of thought are the basis for our Engineering Classes in Mumbai. At Wisdom Academy our Engineering Classes and Home Tutors are confident; result oriented and dedicated with a rich experience in teaching in their respective subjects. Our tutors strive to nurture a critical thinking and interest towards the subject in the minds of the students.



  • Best Engineering Classes and Small group tuitions at our centers at Andheri (w) and Borival (w).
  • Engineering Home tuitions by experts all over Mumbai.
  • Several mock tests for improvement of performance and development of individual skills
  • Motivated and experienced teachers
  • Attention to special needs of each student in group tuitions and home tutions.


At Wisdom Academy we nurture the students to explore their full potential so as to boost their self-confidence and moral in order to realize their dreams by advanced teaching methodology.

We aim at being the educational leader in Mumbai in providing strategic, one-to-one customized sessions between the tutor and student. We help in closing the gap between what a student is achieving and what he/she has the potential to achieve.

DEGREE & DIPLOMA in Engineering
Degree in Engineering

An undergraduate degree in engineering, the B.Eng or Bachelor of Engineering comes to someone who has completed a three to five year long engineering course at a university or college. The course is mainly about the more technical aspects of the subject. Students in India get the degree as either B.Tech from universities or B.E. from colleges affiliated to universities. Students who have completed their higher secondary education can apply.

Diploma in Engineering

The Diploma in Engineering is a technical degree in the subject but is lower in rank and value than an undergraduate degree. Students of this course get some basic knowledge about subjects like engineering, computing, science, mathematics and communication skills. It is also called Pre-Engineering or Inter-Science in some countries where it is a precursor to an undergraduate degree in the subject. After completion of this course, you can either pursue engineering studies further or start working as a sales engineer, a supervisor, as workshop technicians, as auto engineers, as service station managers, as farm managers, as junior instructors, as agricultural overseers and at many other posts.

How Wisdom Academy would help you for your future educational endeavors

  • Wisdom Academy in Mumbai is known for being an expert coach or mentor for students in engineering courses like Information Technology, Computer Science Engineering, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electronic and Tele-Communication (EXTC).
  • If you are passionate about learning and education Wisdom Academy is the right place for you.
  • Wisdom Academy is regarded as one of the best Engineering classes in Mumbai.
  • Our experienced and professional tutors help implement our strategy to educate students in an interactive manner which helps them visualize even the most difficult concepts.
  • Our results and response from students at our engineering classes in Borivali and Andheri say it all.
  • Our state of the art facilities and faculties make sure you become an expert in the course you select as we recognize the importance of quality education because the concepts which are learned by an engineer during his engineering has real-life practical implications and uses on live projects.
  • At Wisdom Academy, we believe in nurturing students to the level where they are capable enough to practically implement the concepts they are learning in classrooms
    We provide engineering classes for all courses
  • Contact our nearest branch for admissions and inquiry at our engineering classes in Andheri, Borivali, and Mumbai
  • Note: – “Wisdom Academy Provides Group Tuitions (5-10 Students only) at Andheri/Borivali centers and also Home Tuitions (All Over Mumbai) for all branches and all subjects.”

Why Wisdom Academy?

Still confused about why to trust us? Here are a few things about us that may help change your mind

  • Our engineering classes and engineering home tutors in Mumbai help in concept building to generate clear understanding of subjects
  • Each of our engineering home tuitions in Mumbai complete syllabus on time, also conducting doubt sessions and periodic tests.
  • Our Engineering classes in Andheri, Borivali and other locations in Mumbai focus on the needs and abilities of each student so that his positives are brushed up and improved and weaknesses cease to exist
  • Study materials, lectures and discussions provided by our engineering classes and engineering home tutors in Mumbai to suit the demand and pattern of each board examination

Attend all the lectures of engineering classes. Read the Study materials given. Give regular Tests and see the Results


We have achieved a lot with the help of our students and aim to achieve more.

Electronics and Communication Engineering


Mechanical Engineering


Civil Engineering


Computer Science Engineering


Electrical Engineering



Count of students who have come out with flying colours


Wisdom Academy Engineering Results

  • Name: Mustafa Shaikh
  • Branch: Civil
  • College: Sabu Siddiqui College of Engineering
  • Subjects: Building Material and Construction (BMC), Fluid Mechanics (FM), & strength of Material (SOM)
  • BMC: 70 FM: 69 SOM: 68
  • Wisdom Academy Engineering Results

  • Name: Heeral Patel
  • Branch: Civil
  • College: LR Tiwari College
  • Subjects: Structure Analysis 1& 2
  • Result:SA1: 72 SA2: 70
  • Wisdom Academy Engineering Results

  • Name: Naman Singh
  • Branch: Computers
  • College: St. Francis College of Engineering
  • Subjects: Digital Logic Design & Analysis (DLDA) & Computer Graphics (CG)
  • Result:DLDA: 68 CG: 71
  • Wisdom Academy Engineering Results

  • Name: Priti Jaiswal
  • Branch: Computers
  • College: Rajiv Gandhi College
  • Subjects: Analysis of Algorithm (AOA) & Discrete Structure (DS)
  • Result:AOA: 72 DS: 73
  • Wisdom Academy Engineering Results

  • Name : Padam Gandhi
  • Branch: EXTC
  • College: Thakur College of Engineering
  • Subjects: Digital Circuit and Design (DCD) & Electronic Devices
  • Result:DCD: 69 EDC: 70
  • Wisdom Academy Engineering Results

  • Name : Archit Jain
  • Branch: EXTC
  • College: Atharv College of Engineering
  • Subjects: M4, Signal & System (S&S),Control System(CS)
  • Result: M 69, SNS 74 CS 72
  • Wisdom Academy Engineering Classes Result

  • Name : Jyoti Dubey
  • Branch: Mechenical
  • College: Thakur Engineering College
  • Subjects: Physics and Chemistry
  • Result: Physics: 65
  • Result: Chemistry : 67
  • Wisdom Academy Engineering Classes Result

    • Name : Pooja Shrivastava
    • Branch: Computers
    • College: NMIMS
    • Subjects: Discrete Structure, Database Management System, Fundamental of Web technology, Maths
    • Result: DS: 62
    • Result: DBMS: 59
    • Result: FWT: 64
    • Result: Maths : 60

    Wisdom Academy Engineering Classes Result

    • Name : Rohan Sinha
    • Branch: EXTC
    • College: Rajiv Gandhi Engineering College
    • Subjects: Maths, Mechanics, BEE
    • Result: Maths: 70
    • Result: Mech: 65
    • Result: Bee: 75

    Wisdom Academy Engineering Classes Result

    • Name : Meet Shah
    • Branch: Information Technology (IT)
    • College: NMIMS
    • Subjects: Maths 3 and Signal & System (S&S)
    • Result: MATHS 3: 60/70 Signal & System 63/70

    Wisdom Academy Engineering Classes Result

    • Name : Aarti Dubey
    • Branch: Mechanical
    • College: DJ Sanghvi Engineering College
    • Subjects: TOM, SOM, Thermodynamics
    • Result: TOM: 68
    • Result: SOM: 72
    • Result: Thermo: 69

    Wisdom Academy Engineering Classes Result

    • Name : Priti Lomte
    • Branch: Mechenical
    • College: Rizvi Engineering College
    • Subjects: HT, TOM, ICE, MMC
    • Result: HT: 60
    • Result: TOM: 65
    • Result: ICE: 72
    • Result: MMC: 69

    Wisdom Academy Engineering Classes Result

    • Name : Sachin Sharma
    • Branch: Civil
    • College: Universal College
    • Subjects: Maths 3, Strength of Material (SOM)
    • Result: Maths 3: 68
    • Result: SOM: 65

    Journey through Wisdom classes is truly excellent with best coaching by prominent & expert professors. I scored outstanding marks in SPA and ED due to focus personal attention & quality teaching.

    • Name : Krishna Dev
    • Branch: Computers
    • College: L.R Tiwari Engineering College
    • Subjects: DS, AOA, DBMS
    • Result: DS: 63
    • Result: AOA: 68
    • Result: DBMS: 75

    The support from the professors of Wisdom classes has helped me a lot to begin with my engineering journey. The dedication and efforts by the professors and the personal attention that one gets over here is outstanding, which makes Wisdom better than any other engineering classes.

    - Ketki shah
    55 Marks in Java Programming
    58 Marks in “OOPS”
    60 Marks in Software Engineering
    Student of IT Branch
    K.J Somiya College of Engg

    Studying on regular basis has helped me a lot. Early completion of portion with Wisdom academy gave me enough time for revision. The faculties of wisdom academy are professional and trained Experts in their subjects.

    - Aarti Jain
    Got 60+ marks in Data Structure/AOA/DBMS and Computer Graphics
    Student of Computer Branch
    D.J Sanghvi Engg College

    Great success can be achieved only by hard work and training.” Wisdom Academy has provided good faculties in my entire journey of Civil Engineering Faculties provided Good Guidance and make me practice lots of past year papers

    - Virendra Mehta
    Got 60+ marks in Surveying, Structure Analysis and Geotechnical.
    Student of Civil Branch
    Mukesh Patel Engg College (NMIMS)

    The faculties of Wisdom Academy are Excellent. The innovative methods of teaching have made the learning process even more interesting and lively. Thanks to Wisdom Academy for all their efforts on me.

    - Raghu Jha
    Got 60+ in TOM/SOM/FM and Thermodynamics
    Student of Mechanical Branch
    Rajiv Gandhi Engg College

    I had a great experience studying under the faculty Mr. shirish Kumar, who brought out my inner abilities and helped me in showcasing it in a better way.

    - Saurabh Mishra
    65 marks in “Signal and System”
    Student of EXTC Branch
    Thadoomal sahani Engg College

    The faculty is very good and helpful. It was good experience studying over here as personal attention is given to each student which helped me a lot in clearing Maths, Mechanics, and BEE paper in first attempt with good scores.

    - Riya Verma
    Maths 65 marks SEM I
    Mechanics 60 marks
    BEE 63 marks
    Student of Mechanical Branch
    Father Agnel Engg College