Wisdom Academy Engineering Classes Result

  • Name : Aarti Dubey
  • Branch: Mechanical
  • College: DJ Sanghvi Engineering College
  • Subjects: TOM, SOM, Thermodynamics
  • Result: TOM: 68
  • Result: SOM: 72
  • Result: Thermo: 69

Wisdom Academy Engineering Classes Result

  • Name : Priti Lomte
  • Branch: Mechenical
  • College: Rizvi Engineering College
  • Subjects: HT, TOM, ICE, MMC
  • Result: HT: 60
  • Result: TOM: 65
  • Result: ICE: 72
  • Result: MMC: 69

Wisdom Academy Engineering Classes Result

  • Name : Sachin Sharma
  • Branch: Civil
  • College: Universal College
  • Subjects: Maths 3, Strength of Material (SOM)
  • Result: Maths 3: 68
  • Result: SOM: 65

Journey through Wisdom classes is truly excellent with best coaching by prominent & expert professors. I scored outstanding marks in SPA and ED due to focus personal attention & quality teaching.

  • Name : Krishna Dev
  • Branch: Computers
  • College: L.R Tiwari Engineering College
  • Subjects: DS, AOA, DBMS
  • Result: DS: 63
  • Result: AOA: 68
  • Result: DBMS: 75

Studying on regular basis has helped me a lot. Early completion of portion with Wisdom academy gave me enough time for revision. The faculties of wisdom academy are professional and trained Experts in their subjects.

- Aarti Jain
Got 60+ marks in Data Structure/AOA/DBMS and Computer Graphics
Student of Computer Branch
D.J Sanghvi Engg College

The faculties of Wisdom Academy are Excellent. The innovative methods of teaching have made the learning process even more interesting and lively. Thanks to Wisdom Academy for all their efforts on me.

- Raghu Jha
Got 60+ in TOM/SOM/FM and Thermodynamics
Student of Mechanical Branch
Rajiv Gandhi Engg College

The faculty is very good and helpful. It was good experience studying over here as personal attention is given to each student which helped me a lot in clearing Maths, Mechanics, and BEE paper in first attempt with good scores.

- Riya Verma
Maths 65 marks SEM I
Mechanics 60 marks
BEE 63 marks
Student of Mechanical Branch
Father Agnel Engg College

Wisdom Academy Engineering Classes Result

  • Name : Jyoti Dubey
  • Branch: Mechenical
  • College: Thakur Engineering College
  • Subjects: Physics and Chemistry
  • Result: Physics: 65
  • Result: Chemistry : 67

Wisdom Academy Engineering Classes Result

  • Name : Pooja Shrivastava
  • Branch: Computers
  • College: NMIMS
  • Subjects: Discrete Structure, Database Management System, Fundamental of Web technology, Maths
  • Result: DS: 62
  • Result: DBMS: 59
  • Result: FWT: 64
  • Result: Maths : 60

Wisdom Academy Engineering Classes Result

  • Name : Rohan Sinha
  • Branch: EXTC
  • College: Rajiv Gandhi Engineering College
  • Subjects: Maths, Mechanics, BEE
  • Result: Maths: 70
  • Result: Mech: 65
  • Result: Bee: 75

Wisdom Academy Engineering Classes Result

  • Name : Meet Shah
  • Branch: Information Technology (IT)
  • College: NMIMS
  • Subjects: Maths 3 and Signal & System (S&S)
  • Result: MATHS 3: 60/70 Signal & System 63/70

The support from the professors of Wisdom classes has helped me a lot to begin with my engineering journey. The dedication and efforts by the professors and the personal attention that one gets over here is outstanding, which makes Wisdom better than any other engineering classes.

- Ketki shah
55 Marks in Java Programming
58 Marks in “OOPS”
60 Marks in Software Engineering
Student of IT Branch
K.J Somiya College of Engg

Great success can be achieved only by hard work and training.” Wisdom Academy has provided good faculties in my entire journey of Civil Engineering Faculties provided Good Guidance and make me practice lots of past year papers

- Virendra Mehta
Got 60+ marks in Surveying, Structure Analysis and Geotechnical.
Student of Civil Branch
Mukesh Patel Engg College (NMIMS)

I had a great experience studying under the faculty Mr. shirish Kumar, who brought out my inner abilities and helped me in showcasing it in a better way.

- Saurabh Mishra
65 marks in “Signal and System”
Student of EXTC Branch
Thadoomal sahani Engg College